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  • Brooke Aymes

Benefits of Therapy

The benefits of therapy are endless. As humans, we are naturally imperfect living in a society that illustrates and expects perfectionism. Mothers are expected to maintain careers while juggling the majority of housework and raising a few children. Fathers are expected to happily provide financially for their children regardless of the circumstances. The pressures of society along with the the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction is enough to make the most grounded person question their sanity.

Therapy offers a confidential, nonjudgmental person to discuss all the uncomfortable life things.

It can help change perspectives, offer self awareness and help change unhealthy patterns.

Therapy helps individuals manage their anxiety, depression and unwanted symptoms associated with personality and learning disorders. One of my favorite parts of being a therapist is being an unbiased platform for people to experience healthy communication within relationships because they can take those communication techniques with them into their own interpersonal relationships.

I'm a therapist and really believe in what I do. Because we believe in what we do, most therapists see their own therapist. I've witnessed some beautiful changes comes as a result of therapy and genuinely believe that all humans could benefit from having an objective person to talk to (especially in this society).

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