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I don’t live in New Jersey, Delaware or Florida. Can I still get help?

Online therapy can be used for anyone located in New Jersey, Delaware or Florida. More information on FL Telehealth Therapy can be found here:

For anyone outside of NJ, DE and FL, please refer to psychologytoday to find a provider in your state.


Do you only see people for addictions?

No! I work with a wide variety of individuals on a wide variety of treatment plan goals. My clinical concentration is in addictions, however I love helping people find new ways to manage anxiety and have years of experience working with couples, children and families.


Do you help people with underlying issues associated with addiction?

Yes! I believe that substance use disorders are a symptom of underlying issues.


How will I know if I have an addiction or alcohol problem?

It can be difficult to identify an addiction and/or alcohol problem. An addiction is defined by an individual continuing to engage in a behavior despite harmful consequences. If a person feels like they can not find relief from an unhelpful behavior, it might be best to seek help from a licensed professional.

Click here if you are having difficulty deciding if drinking is interfering with your long term goals.​

What ages do you see?

I love working with young adults and with people ages 18 and above.


What can I expect at my first appointment?

After an individual reaches out to schedule a free consultation and decides that therapy feels like a good fit, they will be provided all intake paperwork via email and will be provided with the link for the first scheduled video session. I will join onto the screen at the scheduled time to welcome the individual to the therapy session and to begin building the therapeutic relationship with one another.

Do you accept insurance?

For most insurance companies, I am an out of network provider. Most clients find that they are able to use their Health Savings Account to pay for sessions and/or receive out of network reimbursement from their insurance company. I am in network with Cigna and Horizon BCBSNJ. Cigna and Horizon BCBSNJ policy holders are able to use their insurance as a form of payment with their co-pay and/or deductible.

How long am I going to be in therapy for?

This is very individualized for each person. Typically therapy lasts for about six months, however it could be a year or longer depending on the person’s needs and the person’s long term goals. This is something that we can continue to discuss during the therapy process.


How do I set up an appointment with you?

Call me or email me today to schedule a free consultation!

Brooke Aymes  856-438-8064 

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