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Couples Therapy

Addiction and alcoholism inevitably affect our relationships. The compulsive behaviors can typically cause a lack of trust and a lack of boundaries within our relationships. One partner might rely excessively on the other to meet their emotional and psychological needs as a result of the substance use. When a partner enters recovery, the relationship must grow with the individual in order for it to continue to flourish.

Individuals seeking couples therapy can expect a non-bias therapy session with solid ground rules set in place. Couples will be challenged to become vulnerable with one another at their own pace and will be given homework to complete with one another outside of therapy sessions. As a result of choosing to be vulnerable in sessions, I've witnessed couples come back together stronger after a major betrayal.

If you have more questions about the therapy process, please visit the FAQ page or email me directly.

Couple engaging in a tree pose on kayaks in the water after completing couples therapy as a result of infidelity in the relationship.

Brooke Aymes  856-438-8064 

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