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College Students

Movies illustrate that college should be the best time of our lives. However, for many students the college experience can be extremely isolating. Many students are balancing full time jobs and families along with the unrealistic expectations of universities. The amount of assigned readings and ten page papers on top of navigating advisors and financial aid is enough to give the most grounded individual a feeling of overwhelming anxiety. Many students look to substances to help meet the unrealistic demands of the work.


Anxiety is the top presenting concern among college students.


35% of college students are struggling with mental illness.


64% of college students drop out as a direct result of mental illness.


When a college student makes a decision to seek therapy, we first focus on the use of substances to identify what purpose they are serving, then we focus on mindfulness to help relieve anxiety and focus on activities to improve overall self esteem and organization.

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Books and Coffee illustrating that college students can have access to online therapy
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