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Binge Drinking Therapy

Has drinking alcohol negatively impacted your relationships?

Have you recently questioned the purpose of your drinking?

Has over-consuming alcohol caused you to feel embarrassed?

Can you identify things that you like to do that do not involve drinking?


Binge Drinking is when an individual consumes the legal amount of alcohol or more in a single setting. The substance abuse and mental health services administration (SAMHSA) defines binge drinking as when an individual achieves the blood alcohol concentration of .08 within a single timeframe at least once a month.

Individuals who engage in binge drinking are more likely to become heavy alcohol users and more likely to be diagnosed with alcoholism. Alcoholism can be mild, moderate or severe. Individuals with mild or moderate alcoholism are typically high functioning. Many of these people have hit all of the major life milestones and are suffering behind closed doors.

When individuals make a decision to seek binge drinking therapy, we focus first on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with drinking and then focus on replacing the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We find new ways of coping through a series of therapy sessions and CBT homework.

I can help you find peace and feel normal being around alcohol.

If you have more questions about the therapy process, please visit the FAQ page or email me directly.

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