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Anxiety Therapy

Do you fill your days with tasks only to find yourself feeling resentful and irritated afterwards?


Would you say that you have an all or nothing mindset?

Do you struggle with procrastination?


Are you consumed by thoughts of what others think about you and constantly worried about making a wrong decision?

Anxiety can be illustrated in a high-functioning, productive way and can cause individuals to feel pressured to be productive with their time. They will constantly be evaluating their time, measuring if their time was productive enough and judging themselves based off of the evaluation.


Procrastination Anxiety takes place when a person's mind feels overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. The all or nothing mentality makes individuals feel like if they cannot accomplish all of the tasks on the list, than they should not accomplish any of the tasks on the list. This form of anxiety can leave people feeling inherently lazy and unworthy of achieving their goals.


Social Anxiety can cause people to suffer from intrusive thoughts about what others might think of them, can leave people feeling insecure and can prevent them from engaging in social interactions.


In the work that I’ve done with people, I’ve witnessed them build themselves up internally to be able to feel at peace with themselves regardless of fear and regardless of their productivity levels.

Click here for more information on how anxiety can be illustrated throughout our daily routines.

Your productivity does not equal your worth.

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