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  • Brooke Aymes

Telehealth Services South Jersey

At Gaining Grace LLC,  we provide comprehensive Telehealth therapy services to individuals and families across South Jersey and beyond. Our practice is spearheaded by Brooke Aymes, an experienced therapist with over 7 years of experience in mental health care and now specializing in bringing that experience to Telehealth counseling.

Gaining Grace LLC was founded on Brooke Aymes’s vision to offer accessible, high-quality mental health services to South Jersey and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering exceptional care and support, ensuring that every client feels heard, understood, and valued.

Emergency Mental Health Support Available

We understand that mental health needs can arise unexpectedly, which is why we offer

timely Telehealth consultations. Brooke Aymes is equipped with the expertise to handle a wide range of mental health issues, providing prompt and effective support when you need it most.

Licensed and insured, our professionals are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and ethical practice. Choosing Gaining Grace LLC means opting for a team that respects your time, offers honest assessments and tailors therapy to meet your unique needs.

About South Jersey

South Jersey blueberry capital of the world

South Jersey-- known for the the Jersey Shore, the blueberry capital of the world, pork roll breakfast sandwiches, serene landscapes and vibrant communities, is home to a diverse population that deserves accessible mental health care.  Gaining Grace LLC is proud to serve this region, bringing expert Telehealth services right to your doorstep, figuratively and not literally speaking. Whether you are navigating life transitions, dealing with stress or seeking support for more complex mental health issues, Gaining Grace can be of help.

Our therapy sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your life, offering flexibility and convenience without compromising on quality. We utilize the latest in Telehealth technology to ensure that your therapy experience is both effective and secure.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

At Gaining Grace LLC, we tackle a wide array of mental health challenges, including but not limited to:

We also specialize in providing support for new construction projects within lives—helping you navigate the changes and stresses that come with new beginnings, be it a big move, a career change or starting a family.

Our approach is holistic and personalized, ensuring that you receive the most effective treatment tailored to your specific needs and goals. We adhere to all professional guidelines and are committed to continuous learning and improvement.

Your Partner in Mental Health

If you're facing a mental health concern and need immediate assistance or if you're simply looking for a supportive space to explore personal growth, Gaining Grace LLC is here for you. 

Remember– seeking help is a sign of strength. Let us be your partner in navigating the path to improved mental health and wellness.


Nj Addiction therapist Brooke Aymes climbing Mt. Tammany at the Delaware Water Gap as a form of self care

Hey, I'm Brooke --I'm a licensed anxiety and addiction therapist serving individuals, adolescents and couples in the states of New Jersey, Delaware and Florida. My experience brings both a personal and professional perspective to the work that I do with my clients. If you are interested in learning more about the therapy process and would like to schedule a free consultation, I would love to chat with you!



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