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Group Therapy

Group therapy is offered in six week tracks that include 1.5 hours of weekly therapy. Group therapy specifically focuses on a pain point, provides feedback from a licensed therapist and offers support from others struggling with similar things.

Our approach to group therapy is that everyone should have access to therapy, to resources and to relatability and support from others. Group therapy makes therapy accessible to individuals who may not be able to afford individual weekly therapy or who may not have access to insurance.

The next 6 week Telehealth group therapy track will be from January 23rd - February 27th on Mondays 6pm-7:15pm and will be a women's group focused specifically on the core belief of not feeling good enough and how that affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in our individual lives and in our relationships. Often times if we struggle with a core belief of not feel good enough, we may have perfectionism tendencies, high functioning anxiety, insecurity and low self esteem. The goal of the group is learn how cope, manage and heal from these to be able to have more peace in our everyday lives. The group will be ran by Brooke Aymes and is $300 in total ($50 per session), almost a third of the cost of individual therapy and will provide weekly therapy for six weeks along with resources and handouts.

Registration is now Closed.

Be on the lookout for the next offering!


Brooke Aymes  856-438-8064
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